What Do We Really Mean When We Say We Provide Trauma-Informed Care?

  1. We act on our belief that everyone is doing the best they can. Every client. Every staff.
  2. We base our interventions on our knowledge that people act better when they are safer, more connected, and happier.
  3. We inform our decisions with our knowledge that fear does not produce lasting growth. Kindness produces lasting growth.
  4. We believe that change happens within relationships.
  5. We know how neglect, trauma and attachment disruptions change the body, and use that knowledge to design our treatment.
  6. All behavior is communication and is adaptive. It is an attempt to solve a problem in the best way a person knows. Therefore, we attempt to understand behavior before we attorney to change it.
  7. With our clients we are collaborative and respectful. We are also that way with each other.
  8. We individualize our approach because each person is different.
  9. We are patient and flexible, trying to help the person reach their goals in less destructive ways. We avoid shaming.
  10. We teach skills and help each person discover and use their voice.
  11. Our most important job is to demonstrate that some people are trustworthy, kind and genuinely caring.
  12. We do this work with our hearts and it effects us as people. We pay attention to vicarious transformation and take good care of ourselves and each other. We offer forums, fun, and recognition.

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