Question marks1We get a lot of questions about implementing trauma-informed care in child serving agencies. We want to help in the most powerful way we can. What are your questions? What do you wish you knew about trauma-informed care and how to use it most effectively in your organization? Please take this one question survey and share your questions with us.

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March was VT Month

Meanwhile March has been Vicarious Trauma month at Partner for Healing ( We have posts about what VT is, how it is influenced by culture, VT in the electronic age, and healing the pain of VT at three levels- personal, agency and transformation. Don’t miss the practical free tools: a VT checklist, and infographic about the effects of VT, and a team exercise for VT recovery.

Next Month: Foster Care

Join our partnership to provide the most excellent and effective care! Next month is Foster Care month, you won’t want to miss articles and tools for teaching foster parents about trauma-informed caretaking.

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