man-thinkingI have taken a hiatus from this blog while I launched my on-line training Course, Making It Real! I am now restarting my regular weekly posts with an exciting ten module training course for new employees. This training series is designed to prepare new, inexperienced staff to deliver skillful trauma-informed care. The lessons can be taught by supervisors. Each module consists of a discussion and an exercise to try to explore the topic. And each module includes a tip sheet with ideas for how to put that skill into practice immediately, using practical strategies.

The topics of the modules are:

  1. Creating Change
  2. Building the Relationship
  3. Building Brains
  4. Creating and Fostering Hope
  5. Structure and Activities
  6. Understanding Behaviors
  7. Managing Everyday Behavior
  8. Managing a Crisis
  9. Responding When Children Hurt Others
  10. Vicarious Traumatization

Before we start the first module, I want to tell you about Making It Real! Implementing Trauma-Informed Care in Child Serving Agencies.

Making It Real! is For You! 

Making It Real! is a unique course– there is nothing else like it. It is NOT a course in which individuals go through the course and get some new knowledge about trauma and how it affects the brain. Those courses are very valuable. But that’s not what this is. Making It Real is a course for a TEAM to IMPROVE ITS TREATMENT PROGRAM.

As a team, you work through it together using the implementation guides. You learn from the videos. The resources increase your options and possibilities. Every implementation plan starts with exploration and discussion for the team. Then, the team makes a plan, describes the action steps, decides who will take the lead, and sets a review date.

Then the team takes action! There is power is in thinking and the discussion. In action there is super power. You can change what you do. Your treatment becomes more effective, produces better results, and you have more satisfied and fulfilled employees.

Please check out the course here. There is a limited time introductory special with great bonuses. When you enroll in the course you can download all the materials for lifetime access. And there is a money-back guarantee, so why not try it?

Now for the first module in the New Employee Training Series- Creating Change.

Our job is fundamentally to help these children and families to change. Let’s spend some time talking about what we think actually promotes change in people, ourselves included.
  1. Rewards and consequences are not enough, they only increase/decrease motivation- we also need skills and support
  2. What part of change is influenced by self-image, hope, feeling that being different is possible?
  3. What is the role of relationships in supporting change? What kinds of behaviors from others make change difficult? What behaviors support change?
 Exercise to try:

Ask participant to think of something they have done (or still do) that has negative consequences that they have NOT changed. Examples would be smoking, drinking, over eating, not exercising, etc. Without asking them what the behavior is, ask what are some of the barriers to change?

Ask participant to think of something they wanted to learn and tried to learn and were UNABLE to master (such as tennis, knitting, anything that they tried but could not become good at). Ask for a couple of examples. What does that feel like? How would it affect them if someone offered to reward them for doing it? Or punish them for not doing it? What role does wanting to do it play? If they could ever imagine getting better at this skill, what would it take?

Ask participant to think of a time in their lives that they did successfully make a change: lose weight, quit smoking, etc. Ask for examples. What made it possible? What started their change effort? What factors made it possible to make the change at that time? What helped? Ask about the role of other people and relationships in making the change. What did you feel about having made this change?

Here is a tip sheet which includes practical strategies for putting these ideas into action:

Click Here to Get Change Tips

Let me know your reactions to these modules at and be sure to check out Making It Real!

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