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Do you want to improve the care your agency offers but you are unsure where to start? Have you realized that in order to survive in today’s treatment system you need demonstrated skills and a road map for treatment? Are you discouraged by restraints, negative discharges or high turnover? Or maybe you want to be sure you are offering the most effective treatment possible to your clients. We offer training to help your agency transform and implement a trauma-informed approach in all your programs.

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How can you make sure all your staff and programs share assumptions and a philosophy? How can you create a road map to lead you through the chaotic process of responding to high-risk behaviors and tumultuous treatment?   Risking Connection is a three-day basic course about trauma which offers your agency a common language and philosophy to guide all treatment. It covers what trauma is, how it affects people, how trauma relates to present behaviors and  what helps people heal. It emphasizes the person of the healer, and provides strategies to take care of ourselves and each other in order to remain energized and hopeful as we do this difficult work.

Education about trauma increases placement stability. We also have an adaptation of Risking Connection designed to teach foster, adoptive, kinship care and biological parents about trauma called Creating a Healing Home..

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Are your staff clamoring for specific guidance about what to actually do day-to-day? Do they feel that you are taking away their familiar tools (points, restraints, punishments and rewards) but not giving them anything in return? The Restorative Approach is a one or two day training which answers the question “I understand this trauma stuff but what am I going to do on Monday?” It offers congregate care treatment programs for children an alternative to point and level systems, including strategies to employ when children hurt others. It also offers interventions for families and foster families. It includes many tools which agencies can use immediately for areas such as hiring, treatment planning, and addressing vicarious transformation. It helps staff move from theory to daily practice.

The Restorative Approach is a registered trademark of Klingberg Family Centers. It is based on the book Trauma Informed Care: The Resorative Approach by Patricia Wilcox, LCSW,  NEARI Press 2014.

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The Traumatic Stress Institute offers a Whole System Transformation package that includes Risking Connection Training, Train-the-Trainer, planning, consultation and follow up. This enables agencies to make the difficult changes necessary to provide more effective and compassionate healing, as well as reduce employee turnover.

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Healthy Sexuality for High Risk Youth

Are you looking for a healthy sexuality curriculum that fits the kids you serve, and hoping you can find staff who are good at delivering it? Steve Brown, Psy.D.  offers a day-long course on Teaching Healthy Sexuality to High Risk Kids based on his book Streetwise to sex-wise: Sexuality education for high-risk youth; Center for Family Life Education, Planned Parenthood of Greater Northern New Jersey; 2nd edition (2001).




Pat is an expert in translating theory into specific actions you can use every day. Patricia Wilcox LCSW has presented keynotes and workshops at many conferences, as well as offering training to groups and agencies. She specializes in such topics as: Using the New Brain Science to Be More Effective; Sustaining Trauma-Informed Care in a Punitive World; The Trauma Survivor as Parent; and How Can We Change This Placement Into a Family?


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Steve helps sort out the complicated topic of teaching healthy sexuality and responding to problem sexual behaviors. Steve Brown, Psy.D. is a specialist in healthy sexuality and problem sexual behaviors. He consults and teaches on Effective Treatment for Problem Sexual Behaviors; Standing in the Space Between Sexual Health Promotion and Sexual Violence Prevention; Being a Trauma-Informed Sex Educator; and Sex Education IS Sexual Violence Prevention: Making the Case, Connecting the Dots. He has also presented extensively on Vicarious Traumatization.


Michelle helps you take care of your staff so they remain hopeful and energized. Michelle Kenefick LCSW is a specialist in applying Mindfulness Based practices both within treatment and towards treater self-care. She provides experiential training for agencies  and has led yoga and mindfulness retreats for treaters.