hiring womanImplementing trauma-informed care changes everything… and one area is certainly hiring. How do we choose candidates that will flourish working this way?

Agencies have discovered ways to determine whether a candidate is comfortable working in a relationship-based approach.

 Sign On

In some cases agencies have developed a statement that describes their treatment approach and asked candidates to read and decide if they can work that way, and return it signed if they want to proceed with the hiring process.

 Questions that Help

It is useful to ask candidates how they deal with stress and what self care practices they find helpful. Another way is through the use of scenarios.

Other options include:

  1. Ask a candidate about a time when he or she was successful in making a change and what helped him or her
  2. Ask a candidate with prior work experience to describe a client that they felt especially connected to, and one they found it difficult to connect with, and why. This question looks for self awareness of differing response to different clients
  3. Ask a candidate about a time when someone helped him or her, a teacher or a mentor or anyone significant in their life. What did that person do that was helpful?
  4. Ask what do you think might be the most difficult time of day for clients
  5. Ask what can staff do to make clients feel safer/ more comfortable around bedtime and/or shower

Offering the candidate an opportunity to observe the work can clarify both for the candidate and for the employer whether or not there is a fit.

What works for you? Click on comment to share your best questions and scenarios.

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