Woment is lookin to the right with an expression of concern

All of these are comments staff has made when asked about the benefits of their jobs…

  1. I feel more appreciation for what I have.
  2. I am more patient with my children.
  3. I have better parenting skills- understanding the why of my children’s behavior.
  4. I feel more confidence and self-respect because I do work that matters.
  5. I am more appreciative of diversity.
  6. I am a better friend.
  7. The resilience of my client’s inspires me when I am having tough times.
  8. The stories I hear have motivated me to help make the world a better place by becoming a coach.
  9. I savor every moment with my children.
  10. I have become politically active.
  11. I am a better negotiator,.
  12. I notice when people help each other, especially when people help kids.
  13. I am less judgmental of others.
  14. I relish time alone in nature.
  15. My sense of spirituality has deepened.

Coming next week- how can we maximize personal transformation?

What personal growth have you experienced from your job? Please add your examples by commenting.

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