Coming In June: Making It Real, a Unique Course

Making It Real is a unique course- there is nothing else like it. It is NOT a course in which individuals go through the course and get some new knowledge about trauma and how it affects the brain. Those courses are very valuable.

But that’s not what this is.

Making It Real is a course for a TEAM to IMPROVE THEIR TREATMENT. As a team, you work through it together. You learn from the videos. The Resources enlarge your options and possibilities.

And then you take action.

Every implementation plan starts with exploration and discussion for the team. Then, the team makes a plan, describes the action steps, decides who will take the lead, and sets a review date.

Then they take action!

The power is in the thinking and the discussion. And the super power is in the action. You actually change what you do. And your treatment becomes more effective, produces better results, and you have more satisfied and fulfilled employees.

That is a REAL change.

Positive Responses at Trauma Conference

IMG_9535We had a table at the ARC Preconference of the JRI Trauma Conference in Boston. There was much interest and excitement about the ARTIC, our new, psychometrically validated measure of Trauma-Informed Care, as well as about our soon-to-be-launched course. While I was there several people approached me to say that my book had made a major difference in their work. And a member of the panel of one of the workshops spoke about one of my handouts, Responding to Staff Resistance, and how much it had helped her. (You can get that here.
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Exciting Connections at Bruce Perry’s Neurosequential Model Conference

Pat-on-Teams2WI presented at the Neurosequential Model Conference in Banff Alberta Canada this past week. My presentation was on Trauma-Informed Teams. I received excellent feedback. People at this conference also were excited by both the ARTIC and the course, including the great Bruce Perry himself. Dr. Perry generously told me that each of these seemd like just what the field needs.

So now a couple weeks at home to get the course launched, the ARTIC distribution continued, and to continue tyo move forward.

Please contact me if you want more details about either of these: 



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